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Privacy and Security

You can easily change your personal security questions through Zag Online.

  1. Log in to Zag Online banking
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner of the main page
  3. Click on ‘Manage Security Questions’
  4. Make your changes and click ‘Update’

Never respond to an email you’re not sure about, as it may be part of a ‘phishing’ scam. Phishing emails typically direct you to click on a link to visit a website where you are asked to update personal information, such as a password, credit card, social insurance or bank account numbers.
Keep in mind that Zag Bank will NEVER ask you to reset your credentials or disclose information via email, or text messaging.

As a simple rule, 'when in doubt, DON’T,' that is:

  • Don’t respond to questions
  • Don’t click links
  • Don’t open documents
  • Don’t dial numbers
  • Don’t download email images

…that are provided to you via a suspicious email, text message or telemarketing call.

Instead, open a new browser window and type in our URL ( and log in. If there is an issue with your account, or you think someone is trying to scam you, contact us by phone at 1-844-Zag-Bank (1-844-924-2265) or through our secure email channel by logging in to Zag Online.

Learn more about phishing here.

If you think you have been the victim of identity theft or fraudulent activity, you must report it immediately by calling 1-844-Zag-Bank (1-844-924-2265) to suspend activities on any accounts that have been tampered with or fraudulently opened in your name. Then:

  1. Contact your local police force and file a report.
  2. Contact the two national credit bureaus and place a fraud alert on your credit reports at the numbers below:
    Equifax Canada toll-free at 1-800-465-7166
    TransUnion Canada toll-free at 1-877-525-3823
  3. Report the identity theft/fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, at 1-888-495-8501, or email:

Thanks to the Zag Online Security Guarantee, you are not responsible for any online banking transactions that you did not authorize on your account and that are conducted in a fraudulent manner.

If you know or suspect that your password, security questions or answer have been stolen or compromised, please call a Client Services Advisor immediately, at 1-844-Zag-Bank (1-844-924-2265). Any fraudulent transactions that take place after you have notified us will be reimbursed to your account, right away.

Yes. Our security technology is constantly scanning your accounts for unusual activity. If we suspect fraud, we notify you right away.

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