How to Initiate the Funds Transfer Process

To move your funds to a TFSA/RRSP at another financial institution, please follow these steps:

1. Collect the information you will need to provide to the financial institution that is receiving your funds

  • Your Zag account number* (available in the account overview in Zag Online and Zag Mobile)
  • Your TFSA/RRSP plan number (this number is available on your annual statement which you can access through Zag Online)
  • Zag Bank’s address: 6807 Railway Street SE, Unit 120, Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2V6
  • Your social insurance number (SIN)

2. Contact the financial institution that will be receiving your funds. They will walk you through the steps and help you fill in a transfer form. When filling in the form:

  • Be sure to choose the option to transfer the entire amount of your TFSA/RRSP ‘in cash’ 
  • Make sure you sign the form, and check that your name and SIN number are correct

3. The receiving financial institution will send the completed form to Zag Bank 

4. Upon receipt of the form, Zag Bank will process and complete the transfer

*Unmasking Your Account Number(s)
If your account number is masked (only the last four digits are showing), it’s easy to unmask to see all 10 digits. Here’s how:

  • Simply log in to Zag Online, choose the ‘Settings’ option in the upper right-hand corner, select ‘Preferences’ and ‘Manage Account and Nickname’. 
  • On this page, simply select ‘Do not hide my account numbers’ under ‘Account Masking Preferences’ then click the ‘Update’ button. You’re done!